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Astios Dialer

AstiosDialer is a highly effective auto-dialer Asterisk based system that will transform your telemarketing campaign productivity and achieve the results that you always wanted.


No more manual work. No more high overhead cost. No more expensive licensing cost. Improve business profitability. This is the most flexible and cost-effective dialer system available today. AstiosDialer is the only dialer system you will need.

Case Study

Issues Clients Were Facing

Lack of manpower to keep up with high volumes of call manually on a daily basis. Supervisors were having a hard time to compile reports manually via excel sheets.

How Our Solution Helped

By automating the calling process, we increased the efficiency by increasing the amount of calls per agent. Supervisors can now view and export the reports real time via our Astios Dialer system.


Increase productivity to 200-300%

Campaign rules

Update the calling list, records, campaigns on the fly

Audit Logs

Broadcast messages to customers

Everything web-based

Define agent disposition codes

Options for administrators to select different approaches to reach clients

Use SIP trunks for outgoing calls from low cost call providers

Manage campaigns by assigning users and calling list to the campaign

System controlled task

Comprehensive and real time reporting


Business Tel

BusinessTel IP PaBX series is a hybrid IP telephony solution which caters for both IP and analog telephony. It is built to seamlessly integrate into your organisation and provide you with a competitive edge.


This solution is based on Asterisk, an open source framework for building communications applications sponsored by Digium.

Case Study

Issues Clients Were Facing

Limited number of extension lines per module. Having a hard time tracking without a centralised system with features.

How Our Solution Helped

BusinessTel helped the client by providing extensive features to ease the client’s operation.


Call recording & voice logger

Interactive voice resoinse

Voicemail to Email

Call forward & call waiting

Conference bridge

Music on hold


Astios UC

AstiosUC is an Unified Communications solution that provides integrated voice, video, chat, screen sharing, with the goal of enhancing business communication, collaboration and productivity.


AstiosUC brings to you long term cost saving. Higher productivity and enhanced efficiency with no software licensing costs. It helps you streamline all your voice, data and video communication channels into one standard infrastructure, thus easier management and lower maintenance cost.

Case Study

Issues Clients Were Facing

Client did not have any unified solution for communication and needed to use multiple platforms to communicate.

How Our Solution Helped

Astios UC helped the client by connecting their whole communications ecosystems into a single Unified Solution. 


Voice & Video Calls

Instant Messaging

Voice & Video Conferencing


Integrated Virtual Fax System

Screen Sharing

Android, iOS, Windows & MAC OS Support

Cross WAN Links Redundancy

Provisioning Server


Abandoned Call Module

Astiostech Abandon Call Module is an open source solution that provides the client to have access to missed calls and let them have the flexibility to take actions when they want.


Astiostech Abandon Call Module does makes managing calls more efficient and not waste any potentials. It also will increase the call engagements between clients and their customers too which will then increase customer satisfaction. Whether you regularly experience peak periods at your call center, or occasionally have spikes in call volume, the abandoned call module can defer calls until volumes are more manageable which further reduces spikes.

Case Study

Issues Clients Were Facing

Client that handles customers via the contact center systems often find it difficult in keeping up with variable volumes of calls.

How Our Solution Helped

Astiostech’s Abandoned Call Module solves this by giving agents direct access to an interface to identify, connect, and report calls that has been missed or abandoned. Not only that the client gain back all the missed opportunities the client also allow agents to be self sufficient in managing abandoned calls.


View Abandoned Calls

Call Back Abandoned Calls


Stating Remarks

Call Assignment

Call Archive


Automated Reminder Module

ARM is an open source Automated Reminder Module that can read scheduled appointment from any database and send an automated reminder to customers.


An integrated all in one view which also increases the efficiency of the call center.

Case Study

Issues Clients Were Facing

In a call center, the average number of calls a day is around 700 calls purely to remind the customer/ patient regarding their appointment which require a huge team of agents to handle this requirement.

How Our Solution Helped

The system will automatically call the customer/ patient to remind regarding their appointment, this saves agent time and effort drastically.


Extremely Customisable

Send Confirmations & Reminders

Synchronize with other Calendars

Security & Reliability


SMS Broadcasting System

SMS Broadcasting System is an open source system that provides the client to broadcast their messages to their customers.


Offers great convenience at lower cost and guaranteed direct response.

Case Study

Issues Clients Were Facing

The client did not have an sms broadcasting system in place, which they had to send sms broadcast individually to their customers.

How Our Solution Helped

The SMS Broadcasting System played a huge role in increasing the client’s efficiency to reach out via sms to their customers.


Sending SMS in bulk

Receiving SMS in bulk

Customising customer groups for broadcasting

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