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Asset Management

AstiosAM is an asset management that provides a complete and accurate overview of what IT assets you have in your network and automating your network inventory completely.



Discover assets you did not know you had by eliminating errors caused by manual entries.

Save Time

Automate the manual task of collecting inventory data.


If you know what assests you have, what assests is missing it will affect the security.

Reduce Cost

By using less time and resources dedicated to focusing on asset management.

Case Study


As organisations grow and mature, manually maintaining a comprehensive IT asset management system becomes a struggle and a time-consuming task for any systems administrator to keep track of all hardware devices in their IT environment.

Issues Clients Were Facing

Tracking thousands of assets using a manual excel file.

How Our Solution Helped

Automating asset tracking in real time using AstiosAM and providing real time visibility of assests using comprehensive reports and a dashboard overview.


Comprehensive Inventory Information


Using Standard and Well Known Protocol

Auto Discovery

Comprehensive Inventory Information

Plugin Support with API

Compatible Service Desk

Web Service with SOAP interface

User Friendly Web Administration Interface

Asset Management and Automatic Inventory

Software Inventory

Profound Information

Statistics and Reports

Administrative and Financial Management of IT Assets

Rationality for Data Quality Control

Knowledge Based and FAQ

Intuitive Dashboards

Barcode Generation

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